Crackskull Row

Melding reality and myth, Crackskull Row is the story of an Irish family's desperate actions and forbidden loves, "exploring rage, dissolution, sexual perversity and family history with a bleak and penetrating acuity.

By: Honor Molloy

Directed By: Kira Simring

Scenic Design: Daniel Geggatt

Associate Scenic Design & Scenic Charge: Caitlyn Murphy

Costume Design: Siena Zoë Allen

Lighting Design: Gertjan Houben

Sound Design: M. Florian Staab

Photos Courtesy Of: Michael Bonasio


"...then we are in a home of pronounced decay: papers strewn on the floor, a fetid stink, wood slats peeking behind crumbling drywall. (The wonderfully decrepit set is by Daniel Geggatt and Caitlyn Murphy.)" - The New York Times

"One look at Daniel Geggatt's set for Crackskull Row and you know you are in for an evening of unrelieved squalor. The script for Honor Molloy's drama calls for "a shitheap" somewhere in Dublin, and the designer has honoured that request, in spades. The plaster is coming off the walls, dirt stains are omnipresent, and a single bare bulb dangles over the filthy sink ; elsewhere, a couple of traffic warning lights are illuminated, seemingly signaling danger ahead. Audiences, take note." - Lighting & Sound America

Date: 2016
Client: The Irish Repertory Theatre
Role: Scenic Designer