Nike Adapt BB Launch

At long last, Nike's hyper-futuristic, self-lacing basketball shoe was finally ready to make its debut. We set out to produce an environment worthy of the occasion, taking over the full-sized basketball court at their New York offices for a one-of-a-kind press release event.

In under three weeks we designed and installed two fully enclosed spaces on top of one half of the existing court as well as a reception area that showed the origins and history of the revolutionary self-lacing system. Within the court, we created an immersive presentation space with full LED video walls and floor, and a product reveal room with fully automated display cabinets where attendees could try-on the new shoes before heading to the other side of the court to shootaround in them.

Environmental Design: Daniel Geggatt

Lighting Design: Seth Bernstein

Video Design & Content Production: Accept & Proceed

Photos courtesy of: Charlie Arnold & Accept & Proceed

Designed while working in-house at productionglue. An award-winning experiential agency.