The Special Children's Center

In late 2019 we were approached by The Special Children's Center and tasked with bringing their newly designed playroom/performance space to life.

Over the course of two years we worked closely with David Korins Design and The Special Children's Center to translate their vision into an executable, permanent installation. We provided hundreds of technical drawings, 3D renderings and flythroughs to help communicate materials, finishes, scale and lighting to various stakeholders throughout the project's lifecycle.

All visuals were created using a combination of Vectorworks for rough geometry and Twinmotion for texturing, lighting, and final renders.

Environmental Design: David Korins Design

3D Visuals: Daniel Geggatt

Lighting Design: Seth Bernstein

Photos courtesy of: Dominick McGee

Designed while working in-house at productionglue. An award-winning experiential agency.

Date: 2022
Client: The Special Children's Center
Role: 3D Designer