Turner Sales Meeting

In support of Turner's 2019 annual meeting we took over multiple spaces at Spring Studios in lower Manhattan providing custom scenic treatments informed by the brand's visual identity.

In addition to lounge areas, breakout spaces, and reception treatments we were tasked with creating a main plenary space in studio 4 that could accommodate presentations and panel discussions of varying sizes for up to 650 guests over two days of programming. The stage design was particularly challenging in that it needed to meet extremely specific criteria; mainly, softening direct sunlight in the daytime hours without completely blocking the view of canal street below. 

We were able to design an extremely elegant solution that aligned with the brand, satisfied all technical requirements and was totally eye-catching both in-person and on camera.

Environmental Design & 3D Visuals: Daniel Geggatt

Lighting Design: Seth Bernstein

Photos courtesy of: Dominick McGee

Designed while working in-house at productionglue. An award-winning experiential agency.